What is DoublePics?


DoublePics is a program for organizing images and find similar images and movies.

More fun organizing your images?

You*re painpully copying your pictures in Windows folders? An image should be stored multiple times, so that the folder contents are complete. Copying the file several times is not the ideal way.

Why not DoublePics - images don't have to be multiplied to be visible in several areas any longer.
The image will be categorized and linked to the local storage location of the image.
Thus, the file will remain in the origin and the picture may be present in as many categories as you want to without copying it even once.


  • Access from multiple PCs on your database (alternately) - this database needs to be stored in a shared folder only. This is even possible with the smallest version.

  • Working simultaneously with more than one client (server version)


  • we offer a server version (with 1 processor) for private persons as well.

  • NO extra PC is necessary - it needs to be switched on only to fulfill the server function.

The DoublePics pattern processor

DoublePics compares not the file contents only, but uses intelligent detection methods. In contrast to a hash-based search, DoublePics compares the image itself with other images.

A hash value comparison means that the source and comparative data must be identical to be found. But only by the change of one single pixel will create a completely new hash. Accordingly, ordinary hash-based scans are powerless against any kind of changes to a file.

DoublePics scans your element and compares the material differences/relationship in the image itself.


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